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David C. Larkin is a business & employment attorney in Chandler, Arizona. He has been practicing law in Arizona for over 30 years. At David C. Larkin, P.C., we advise employees and small business clients throughout Arizona, including Maricopa County, the Phoenix area, and the East Valley. Our clients trust our advice on the law, their rights, and the remedies available to them.

We are now offering telephonic conferences only, including employment and employment termination assessment and counseling for employees and small businesses, small business contracts and employment contracts, noncompete agreements, severance agreement review, and document drafting.

Reasonable Hourly Rates. One-half hour minimum $150 and $250 per hour
Credit Cards Accepted • Telephonic Consultations only. Call us at (480) 491-2900.

Over 30 Years of Experience as a Business & Employment Attorney and Former CPA

  • For our employee clients, we advise employees regarding all workplace issues and conflicts including employment contracts, noncompete and severance agreements, wages, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment, and assess wrongful termination issues. With over 30 years of experience, we are able to provide relevant advice efficiently and succinctly.

  • For our business clients, we counsel small businesses on employment issues, including reviewing and drafting employment contracts, severance, noncompete, and non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements. We advise on the incorporation or organization of limited liability companies and partnerships, the creation of shareholder agreements, and LLC operating agreements. We also advise on business transactions and assist in resolving disputes between shareholders, LLC members, and partners to avoid later conflicts, disputes, and litigation. We advise employers on what is permitted under the law to avoid compliance charges later.

  • As a former trial lawyer for over thirty years, though no longer litigating, we consult with clients to assess their claims and refer them to the proper agency if exhaustion of administrative claims is necessary. If your claim requires a trial lawyer, we will provide appropriate referrals.

Experienced Phoenix Area and East Valley Business and Employment Attorney

We are skilled at both preventing disputes and resolving them without the necessity and expense of litigation. At David C. Larkin, P.C., we provide preventive advice and top-quality legal representation at reasonable rates, serving clients in the greater Phoenix area, as well as business clients and employees throughout Arizona.
Your Rights Are Important to Us!

Trial Lawyer Successes

In recent years, former Trial Attorney David C. Larkin has compiled an enviable record of large-sum awards and settlements, which increases his efficiency and strengthens his advice to small businesses, his review of potential claims, contracts, and disputes for small business and employment clients:

  • $414,900 jury verdict in a federal court retaliation case – February 2013

  • $1 million jury verdict in an LLC breach of fiduciary duty dispute – March 2012 (reversed on appeal 3/27/14, remanded for retrial)

  • $110,000 arbitration award in a sexual harassment case – January 2012

  • $1 million-plus in two employment-related jury trials (co-counsel)

  • $160,000+ arbitration decision in shareholder stock valuation buy-out dispute where Company offered former shareholder/officer/employee approximately $75,000 – January 2017.

Reasonable Hourly Rates (minimum $150 for half-hour, $250 per hour)
• Credit Cards Accepted • Telephonic Consultations Only.

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Do you need a quality business and employment attorney who is also affordable? Call the David C. Larkin, P.C., law office at (480) 491-2900.